Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Chicken Enchilada Suizas Casserole

I know, I went MIA.  I have a really good reason...

I moved.

To the Seattle area to be exact.

While I am THRILLED to be here, its slightly bittersweet.  I have never lived anywhere besides Southern California, so this was a huge change.  We did it for many reasons.  Primarily so that I can go to school.  Which leads me to my next bit of news....

I am officially a student at the University of Washington.  Its not at the main campus in Seattle, but a smaller (more convenient) location in Bothell, Washington.  Can you say... EXCITED!!!!

I have never, and I mean never, been so excited to go to school.  I am also really excited about this Chicken Enchilada Suizas Casserole.  I have to admit that I made this awhile back and planned to post it before I moved, but then the chaos of having to move started in.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Easy Mango Salsa

As a kid, I wanted to be a gymnast.  Problem was I was extremely aware of the fact that I might get hurt.  I wouldn't say that I have grown out of that.  Bungee jumping, sky diving, hang gliding, or I guess anything that involves me (possibly) falling, I'm not doing.  At. All.

Maybe that is why I was best at the balance beam.  Keep in mind, we practiced on a beam that was only an inch off the ground.  I am was super adventurous. Haha! ...Riiigghhht.

Except when it comes to bright colors, Disney, salt and vinegar chips, chocolate, and salsa.  Especially chips and salsa.  It is kryptonite to me and I hate love it.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Caramelized Onion, Mushroom, and Sun-dried Tomato Tart

You know those weeks when your to-do list seems to just never end?  Yeah, I'm having one of those.  Or maybe a few of those.  Lately it seems as if I can never get caught up.  All I keep hearing in my head is, "just keep swimming, just keep swimming", thanks Disney.. I can always count on you. 

Life kinda just gets away from me at times.  Normally I need it, so I go with it.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Vegan Banana Pancakes

I have the worst habit of going to the store for things I need and forgetting at least half of it.  Please, tell me this is not just me.  One of the worst things (second, mayyybe to doing dishes) is having to go back to the same store.

In most cases, I suck it up and make the trek back to grab these forgotten items.  However, there are those times when I am just waaay  too lazy to get out of my onezie pajamas.  Speaking of onezie, have the rest of you seen this too??  I'm confused, really.

It does not always work out like I would hope, but lucky for us... it worked out, big time.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Recipe Roundup: St Patrick's Day

The past few weeks have show some fabulous St. Patrick's Day recipies.  Some of these are mine, and some are from the blogs I like to read.

Have a safe and enjoyable St Patrick's Day.



Loaded Baked Potato Bread | Girl Versus Dough

Irish Soda Bread

Irish Brown Bread | Brown Eyed Baker
Irish Soda Bread Muffins | Kitchen Treaty
Jewish Rye Bread Part 1 (starter) Part 2 | Brown Eyed Baker
Gruyere Rosemary Beer Bread | Girl Versus Dough

Main Dishes:

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Carrot Goat Cheese Mash Shepherd's Pie | A Cozy Kitchen
Guinness French Onion Soup | Closet Cooking

Stout Corned Beef

Stout Turkey Shepherds Pie | The Roasted Root
Vegetarian Irish Stew with Sweet Potatoes and Tempah | Oh My Veggies


Baileys Salted Caramel Chocolate Shamrocks | Buttercream Blondie
Double Chocolate Stout Mousse Cake | Sprikle Bakes
Guinness Chocolate Pudding | Sprinkle Bakes

Guinness Chocolate Ice Cream with Cashews

Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes | Brown Eyed Baker
Irish Cream Hot Fudge Cupcakes | Sprinkle Bakes
Irish "Potato" Cookies | Bake at 350
Leprechaun Cookies | Bake at 350
Peppermint Patty Cake | The Pioneer Woman
Sweet and Salty Guiness Chocolate Pie with Beer Marshmellow Meringue | Sprinkle Bakes

Boozy Shamrock Shake | Kitchen Treaty
Chocolate Stout Beer | Love and Olive Oil
Dairy-Free Stout Float | Take A Megabite
Homemade Baileys Irish Cream | The Brown Eyed Baker
Irish Coffee Milkshake with Whiskey Caramel | Hungry Girl Por Vida

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

I can honestly say I have never had a cabbage roll, until now.

I love cabbage (especially with corned beef) so I was pretty sure they would be good, but they never stood out to me.  That is, until I saw them posted on Smitten Kitchen.  Of course, anything posted there looks great, so its no wonder.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Gunniess Chocolate Ice Cream with Cashews

St. Patrick's Day is coming up this weekend and, like most holidays, we have a beer to celebrate with.  What better way to embrace this than in ice cream?

There is a slight problem... the beer in question is Guinness.  I do not like Guinness.  As far as I know I don't have any Irish in me, so I don't feel too bad.  Guinness ice cream is a completely different story.  The beer flavor acts as a complimentary flavor rather than the star of the show.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Irish Soda Bread

What is Irish soda bread?  As far as I can tell there is nothing "Irish" about it.  I think that's why Tay and I felt the need to include the green.

Soda breads in general are more of a method than a type of bread.  Since it is a "quick bread" there is no yeast involved, meaning if you have a fear of yeast breads, this is for you!  Baking soda is used as the leavening agent (i.e. what makes the bread...bready).  Before baking soda was a commercial product, (think 1900's) the baking soda would be replaced with the ashes of plants soaked in water... yum?  Today we use this same thing as fertilizer (compost). ICK!  

Monday, March 11, 2013

Risotto with Greek Yogurt and Peas

Peas are one of the few vegetables that I enjoyed growing up.  I was one of those crazy picky kids.  In the special case of tomatoes, I would eat gallons of ketchup or salsa, but put actual slices of tomatoes in front of me...eww.  My parents always told me that it would change when I grow up and never...ever... did I really believe them back then.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mini Spanish Mac and Cheese

Mini things are better right??

I could be partial to the idea because im short.  I mean... life-sized barbie was the same height as me for awhile.  Seriously though, mini things are cute.  Like these ponies or these monkies
There is also mini food.  This mac and cheese is a perfect example of how good and cute (no judgements) mini food is.  Of course you could make this in one casserole dish to eliminate the amount of dishes there are, but how fun is it that each person at the dinner table get their own mac and cheese.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Parsley Pesto Chicken

Sometimes a no fuss dinner is required.  This is one of my favorites.  Currently I work full time, go to school, and run this blog with Tay.  Sometimes it's crazy.  Right now, I got lucky and don't have too much going on with school, but it is because I am waiting to hear what schools I got into (cross your fingers).  Needless to say, this recipe comes in handy often.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Brussels Sprout and Bacon Grilled Cheese

There are those restaurants where I know what I am going to order before I get to the door.  I might pretend I am going to "try something new" but that fools no one.  Some things are just too good to be changed. 

That's how I feel about brussels sprouts and bacon.  It is one of those combinations that needs to be left alone.  It is what it should be.  

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Apple Raisin Cinnamon Granola

Granola is one of those overly addicting foods.  You know... the kind where you finally have to tell someone to take it away from you because you are in danger of eating an entire jar of it.  At least its healthy, right?  Well... sometimes.  I was browsing the bulk section of my local supermarket and couldn't stop freaking out about how much sugar was in a serving.  Seriously, go check it out, suddenly you will realize that you have been eating candy why the store bought stuff is so yummy.

Don't worry, I wouldn't deliver such terrible news without a solution.  Homemade granola.  Not only is this healthier, it is cheaper.  Can you say win-win?  Well I can... and after this granola, I'm not going back.  

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chocolate Rolled Cookie

I am often told that I should be an elementary school teacher.  Those people obviously don't know me well.  Its not that I don't love kids... I do, I just don't want to be around them all the time.  At least not now, talk to me in five years.

Mostly I hear this at my job.  It also normally involves cookies.  I like themed parties/foods/cookies (hence the elementary school teacher).  I can't help it though, something about themed cookies gets me so excited.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Chocolate Truffles Two Ways

 What a few weeks it has been.  First, I took an incredible trip to Seattle (maybe just because I'm partial to the city), but non the less it was great to see so many friends.  If you follow me on twitter you may have seen a few pictures I posted.  The weather was perfect (bring on the gloom!!)  Unfortunately the trip ended just as quickly as it started.  One thing I really came to realize on the trip was that I am ready for change.  Big change.  Of course, the kind of change I'm craving didn't come.  Instead, Tay's computer died.  There were no signs of sickness... it just died in its sleep.  Needless to say, this is why I have been absent.  Trying to move all my pictures from one hard drive to the other and figuring out the next computer Tay and I want has consumed quite a bit of time. 

Sooo... all of this tragedy (dramatic much?) means its time for chocolate.  Truffles to be exact. 

How perfect is that with Valentines Day right around the corner? 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Cinnamon Rolls with Orange Cardamom Glaze

Here in Southern California, citrus is in its peak season.  Sooo... I have been eating a million oranges lately.  I guess the fact that they are super cheap at the store plays a role here too.  Honestly though, it's become an obsession.  I have at least a couple a day.  Totally not vitamin C deficient over here!  I have to admit something about my orange eating habits.  I like the pith.  You know… that white bitter stuff.  The stuff that other people feverishly try to remove.  Yeah… I'm strange.  Maybe I need to be on that strange addiction show.  You now the one where people eat chalk and drink bleach? (obviously I watch too much reality TV).  Maybe i'm not that bad, but someone keep an eye on me… alright?  Truth is, I like to eat all the pith off then eat the actual sweet stuff.  It's not bad.  In fact it has the same amount of vitamin C as the actual orange pieces.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Roasted Shallot and Garlic Yogurt Dip

Remember when you were a kid and your parents had complete control over the remote?  Yeah.  That sucked.  When my super important cartoons were on, I was stuck watching football and NASCAR.  Left, left, left, fumble... whatever.  I even remember catching my Dad sleeping on the couch and thinking I was home free--- I would change the channel and then BAM... my Dad would ask, "what are you doing?"  When I would tell him he was asleep, I always got the same response.... "I was listening."  Someone please tell me... how can you be snoring, yet listening to the TV?  One good thing that came out of all this... I know my football.  I know what the calls mean, what the refs are saying, what the teams have to do to win.  It's kind of obnoxious.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Banana Cupcakes with Honey Whipped Cream

Have I mentioned how much I love the zoo?  Seriously.  I will pass up almost anything else. Yes, yes, you still win, Disneyland.  But, I remember when I was little and we had season passes to the zoo.  My mom would always take a sketch pad and draw amazing sketches.  For some reason I always remember her sketching the gorillas.  Primates are may favorite.  They interact so much and, have you seen the orangutans that paint??  My faaavorite primate tho?  You could keep guessing but you wouldn't get it.  The bonobo.  They are actually the closest living relative we have.  I bet you thought it was the chimpanzee.  And I bet you didn't think you would learn something new here.  Thank my college biology teacher.  So... I was thinking about the zoo and thought, lets make monkey cupcakes. Thus... these delightful babies were born.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lentil Sloppy Joes

Sloppy joes are one of those classic comfort food meals you remember from childhood. Of course, back then, they always came out of a can or were made with a spice packet. I grew up loving sloppy joes. They were always tasty and most of the time it meant we got french fries.  :-) I definitely never thought of them as healthy or vegetarian. Then it happened... I went lentil crazy. I wanted lentils in everything including my sloppy joes. This recipe is pretty simple. I took my basic sloppy joe and switched the meat for lentils. The trick is to keep the lentils from getting mushy. Not only do these taste just like your favorite original, they are filling and healthy. The lentils add a ton of fiber promising to keep you full, perfect for those New Year's Resolutions!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Coconut Pineapple Cupcakes

I love to bake. It is one of the reasons I volunteered to bring cupcakes in for my co-workers birthdays. Any excuse for me to bake some yuminess!! So...recently we had a BIRTHDAY!!! When I started asking around about things this co worker liked... I got a lot of chocolate, berries, and a "maybe" pumpkin. Thankfully I was able to ask this co worker what she would like. She choose coconut pineapple. Pretty similar to chocolate and berries...NOT?? Anyway... I started looking around for ideas, but I couldn't decide if I wanted coconut cake with pineapple filling or vice versa. I figured that coconut filling might be a little too complicated... So I chose the first. They turned out awesome!!